Easy Ways to Improve Your Credit Score in a Month


Many people spend years building their credit score and it only takes a couple of mistakes to ruin it. There are some easy ways to improve credit score in 30 days and get approved for credit cards and larger purchases.
Remove Late Payments
One late payment can bring your credit score down as much as 60 points. You need to call the creditor and ask if they will make a goodwill adjustment. You will need to make sure that you make all future payments on time.
Collection Accounts
If you have an accounts that have gone into collections do not just pay it off. This will not help your score. Instead talk to the credit and get in writing a pay for delete letter. Once you have this letter you can than make payments on the account and watch your credit score go up.
These are just some ways that you can improve your credit score within a month. Once you have improved your score be sure to make payments on time in the future.